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Monthly Slips | Daily Slips | Dry Storage Launch | Towing/Salvage | Misc. Rates

Monthly Slip Rental

  • Monthly slip rates are between $7.25 and $13.25 per month per foot, depending on location and power requirements, and based on length of boat or slip, whichever is longer.
  • Dry Storage Rates are between $90 and $125, depending on length of boat.
  • Customers with metered electricity will be charged by use.
  • Must provide: current boat registration, $300,000 minimum liability insurance and trailer registration if stored in Dry Storage.




Daily Slip Rental
Boat Slip
Plus $12.00 per night, per each additional vessel. Current hull numbers required.
$30.00/night plus tax

Dry Storage Launch Rates
24' and Shorter on Customer Trailer $27.00 one way
25' and Longer on Customer Trailer $35.00 one way
DS to OSL $10.00 one way

Towing and Salvage
Boat towing service (No Passengers) $100.00/hour
Boat towing service with Mechanic (No Passengers) $110.00/hour
Salvage work / Barge / Labor Quote per job

Miscellaneous Rates
Battery Charges $22.00
Battery Jump $15.00
Dock Lockers $13.00/month


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